Celebrating Pride in our Past – Faith in our Future

The Branch held its Elections on

November 17th, 2019

The following members were Elected




Richard Viles

Bar Chairman

Regulations & Resolutions

Immediate Past President

David Adamson

Ladies Auxiliary Liaison

Colour Guard Liaison

1st Vice President

June Viles

Membership;Youth Education

Sick Convenor

2nd Vice President

Ellery Hollingsworth

Public Relations


Brenda Butt

Bar Staff Liaison  ; Staff  Schedules  & Web Site


Gary Power

Sgt -at-Arms

Al French

Executive Committee

Chris McLean-House Chairman Bryan Bennett-Service Officer &
Penny Stamou-Sports Officer  Walkathon
Irene Stevens-Entertainment Brian Budden-Cadet Liaison
Poppy Chairman -TBD  Chaplain-TBD