Celebrating Pride in our Past – Faith in our Future


L.A. President – Brenda Butt

L.A. 258 Ladies Win at District ‘D’

Darts Doubles

Betty LaFrance District Sports Officer
Presented    Ann Butterfield & Shirley McMurter 
with this Plaque at the February 26th, 2023  General Meeting 

LA Meetings are on the 3rd Thursday of the Month

Executive’s  6:30 pm

General’s      7:00 pm

The Ladies Auxiliary received their charter on April 18th 1947 at that time we were called The Ladies Auxiliary to Colonel Lennox  Br. 258, later in 1964 we became the Ladies Auxiliary to Highland Creek Branch 258, Royal Canadian Legion.

Our 1st President was Dorothy Gilmore (Cook). When we first started out there was no suitable hall to raise funds, so we would have card parties at members home. This was the only way we could help
raise money .Around 1951 the legion had a nice hall & a kitchen, which at that time we started catering functions in the Hall and we also started to host our bingo in the Hall. We no longer have bingo. We have four schools in our area that we go and present these scholarships to. We still continue to have many fundraisers to raise money for charities, veterans and our branch. Every month we donate to the branch. and the Tony Stacey Centre for Veterans Care. Every year we make a donation to the L.A. Provincial Bursary and Charitable Foundation Fund. We participate in many sports like darts, euchre and cribbage at zone level, later going to district and provincial levels. We also participate in branch parades and the poppy campaign. We have a membership of just over one hundred, 17 are life members

Many of our Life Members and our Past Presidents are still very active in the Ladies Auxiliary. Every year in April we have our Birthday Banquet which is the one day that the Executive of the Branch prepare & serves a meal for us. The Ladies Auxiliary is still very busy doing catering and serving at the branch doing wedding, funerals, sports banquets etc and also helping out with branch internal functions. Usually after most of these functions the ladies will stay and socialize with each other.